Conductor’s Corner

Oakville_Orchestra_03___GalleryThe great thing, and also the challenge, with classical music is that it has many layers. A 40-minute piece of music with no words is something you never find in pop music. How to begin understanding these amazing compositions? You can always simply let the music wash over you, but if you’d like to dig deeper, here are some hints…

Begin by simply googling whatever piece you’re interested in! The first thing that comes up may be performances on YouTube. Never before in world history has so much music been available at no extra cost (beyond the technology and Internet connection). Many different recordings of standard classical works are on YouTube. You can even compare them and find your favourite!

Another resource is wikipedia, which will give you most of the information you’ll need. If you’re not clear on some of the terminology, click on the highlighted links for explanations. Most wikipedia articles have a section at the end called “External Links” which will lead you to relevant pages elsewhere on the net. Here is a classical music link I find useful:

Happy learning and surfing!

Charles Demuynck
Artistic Director, OCO